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Purchasing A Dental Practice


The purchase of a dental practice will easily be one of the most important decisions a dentist will ever make. Your economic and emotional investment will be significant and the transaction will be complicated.

If you are considering buying a practice, becoming an associate or purchasing a share of a joint practice, you probably want to know why Nate Lynch & Associates LLC is the logical place to begin. With a background in professional practice sales and the law, I have the personal knowledge and the experience to successfully sell your practice. Further, with my legal background I am frequently able to uncover and solve issues other brokers never see.

Nate Lynch & Associates LLC has appraised and successfully brokered professional practices in many parts of the United States. 

There is some confusion about the difference between a "practice appraisal" and a "practice valuation." The simple answer is an appraisal and a valuation are the same thing. When I first began appraising professional practices the word "valuation" was hardly ever heard. As the years have gone by the trend by many in the industry is to use the word "valuation."

Regardless of the type of practice transition you are considering, it is never too early to arm yourself with information. Let's start the conversation today.  

Dental Practice Listings

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Due to privacy concerns, not every available opportunity is listed on our website. Please contact Nate Lynch directly for more complete information about practices available in your market area.