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Dental Practice Appraisals (Valuations)


How Can a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) assist in a dental practice transition? 

An accurate opinion of value is essential for both the buyer and the seller. If the appraisal is too low that is good for the buyer, but it hurts the seller economically. If the opinion of value is too high the buyer is unlikely to get financed to buy the practice unless the lender does not understand practice values—both doctors (the buyer and the seller) suffer as a result. 

A quality valuation requires careful and competent analysis.

Some dental practices look like they are doing well based upon the tax returns, but there may be underlying issues. For example there might be a star associate that has not signed a non-compete agreement. That dentist could literally walk out the door and take a huge portion of the patients with him or her. Another issue is the practice with antiquated dental equipment. A new owner may need to invest heavily in new equipment and that affects value. 

What are some reasons other than a dental sale for having a valuation.

  • Estate Planning. A valuation is just a snapshot in time, but a current valuation is valuable in case the dentist passes away.
  • Retirement Planning. I hear many people say their practice is their retirement, but in most cases it should just be part of the retirement package.
  • Divorce. A valuation is critical in a divorce and the standard of value for a divorce appraisal is different than a "Fair Market Value" valuation in many states.
  • Partnership Buy-Ins or Buy-Outs. Partnerships can be a big source for litigation and so a competent valuation is essential.

Nate Lynch has achieved the credential of an Accredited Valuation Analyst by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts  (NACVA). Nate is a member in good standing in: American Bar Association, New Hampshire Bar Association, Vermont Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, Connecticut Bar Association, Veterinary Medical Law Association, Practice Valuation Study Group, Institute of Business Appraisers, and National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts(NACVA).


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